Hi I'm Tiger. I'm a student currently studing at Tawa College in New Zealand. I have a huge interest in Music.


I'm Tiger (full name Tiger Rowley Geoffry James Francis Des Baux). I was born in North Shore hospital in Auckland, New Zealand on the 26th August 2001 to my parents Kevin Francis and Charlotte Kelleher (nee Des Baux) and attended Paremata school from 2006-2014. While I was still a todler my parents split up. Then we moved down to Wellington were I still live today. From the early 2000's to 2015 I lived most the time with my Dad.


Now I live with my dad full time. Since 2015 I have attended Tawa College. The subjects I do are.
  • Music Studies (MSS)

  • Digital Information Technologys (DIT)

  • English (ENG)

  • Maths (MAT)

  • Social Sciences

  • Science(SCI)

  • Physical Education (PED)

  • Next year I am dropping Social Sciences and P.E. and picking up History. I am also doing Leap. Leap is a program that we will do once a week that gives me a chance to spend time on creating a project I want.